Grimanesa Amorós, Light Bubble.

Friends of Dard Hunter Conference Keynote: Grimanesa Amorós

October 17, 2013
5p Reception, 6p Lecture
Steinberg Auditorium

Grimanesa Amorós, an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research, and critical theory, will deliver the keynote lecture for Papers! Please!, the 2013 Annual Friends of Dard Hunter (FDH) Conference. Her lecture, which is free and open to the public, begins at 6p, with the conference's welcome ceremony and reception beginning at 5p.

Through her art, Amorós conveys an ephemeral wonder, entrancing viewers from all different backgrounds and communities to become agents of empowerment. She makes use of sculpture, video, and lighting to create works that illuminate our notions of personal identity and community. Light is one of Amorós' primary materials because it creates presence without physicality. She is always looking for the instance when light, in its changing forms, makes us contemplate and experience an ordinary circumstance in a different way.

Friends of Dard Hunter Conference

The Friends of Dard Hunter connects, encourages, and educates anyone interested in hand papermaking. The organization was founded in 1981 to preserve the collection of books papers, equipment, and artifacts from all over the world that Hunter had collected in his decades of research on hand papermaking.

Members of the Friends of Dard Hunter are gathering in St. Louis October 17-19 for Papers! Please!, a conference hosted by Washington University and Webster University, with a four-day pre-conference hosted by Craft Alliance. The role paper plays in the creation of our identities as individuals and communities will be a focus of the conference, with discussion about the interconnectivity between art, craft, and theory. In addition to the October 17 keynote lecture, events will include demonstrations and talks October 18 at Washington University. For more information and to become a member, visit