Diversity & Inclusion

Creativity Thrives in Diversity

The Sam Fox School strives to increase the diversity of our community, nurture an inclusive learning and work environment, and promote a culture and ethos that values diversity, inclusion, and equitable success. We consider it an essential mission and responsibility of the School to engage critical societal issues in St. Louis. We believe that art, architecture, and design are uniquely positioned to address these challenges in a meaningful way, and understanding context and history is essential to being part of change.

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The Sam Fox School Fairness & Diversity Committee advises the Dean's Office on diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts. Find out more about their work here>>
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Our Context in St. Louis

St. Louis is our home, and its complicated history and present-day context shape our work and experiences in the Sam Fox School. Our city faces challenges that are present across the United States, but it is vital to confront the historical roots of St. Louis’ specific legacies of racism, sexism, displacement, exclusion, and political division.

Located on the nation’s most important interior waterway, St. Louis is at once a borderland, a commercial hub, a major point of transit, and a space of confluence and division. The city is part of the region historically inhabited by several native populations, initially the Mississippian mound-building culture, and, later, the Osage and the Illini, whose populations were driven out and destroyed in the 18th and 19th centuries by settler colonialism known as westward expansion.

History has shaped our present context. Key events that have shaped our community include: the departure of Lewis and Clark, the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott trial, the 1904 World’s Fair and Olympics, women’s suffrage, Pruitt–Igoe’s construction and demolition, immigration, the Ferguson uprising, and more.

The consequences of institutionally sanctioned displacement and exclusion in St. Louis are felt in everyday inequities: in healthcare, education, nutrition, housing, public safety, the legal system, and other basic human rights. They are made manifest in events that make national headlines and in subtler, everyday offenses that escape public scrutiny.

The Sam Fox School is committed to working with individuals, organizations, governments, and communities in the St. Louis region through our research, teaching, and practice, to address these pressing issues. How we engage in the region through the Office for Socially Engaged Practice>>

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