Research+Creative Activity

Ann Hamilton photographed nearly 300 members of the St. Louis and WashU communities for her Art on Campus installation.

Innovation and collaboration are at the core of our mission of interdisciplinary study and practice. We recognize that design, architecture, and the visual arts play significant roles in inspiring solutions to social, cultural, and environmental concerns. We have formulated an educational model that is flexible and attuned to the realities of our complex and global century.

Because contemporary practice demands not only disciplinary proficiency, but also fluency across disciplines, the Sam Fox School offers multiple opportunities for interdisciplinary study, multidisciplinary collaborative research, and problem solving on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our students develop abilities to think, communicate, and work across disciplinary lines.

Fundamental to the success of our educational model is a nationally and internationally recognized faculty. These artists, designers, architects, and scholars are distinguished by strength in their primary disciplines and are equally committed to contribution to interdisciplinary dialogue and scholarship. Our students are engaged in applying the tools of our fields to effect positive change through creative innovation and scholarship.